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I’m very excited to share my recent TEDxPerth talk with you here!

As many of you know, I’m a huge believer in community involvement. I’m very proud to be a co-founder of 100 Women.
100 Women is a giving circle focused on empowering women, both as philanthropists and through the receipt of our grants. It’s a powerfully practical way that women (and men) can involve themselves by positively contributing to their community.
2018 is our fifth year of giving. In those five years, we granted nearly $400,000 to over a dozen causes supporting women and children. In turn, we have supported whole communities across Australia and in three other countries around the world.

And if you’re asking… Yes, yes, yes…

  • Your donation is tax deductible for Australians!
  • You do have the option to donate monthly or annually
  • 100% of your donation goes towards the grants
  • Anyone, both men and women are welcome to join
  • You can live anywhere around the world and donate to 100 Women
  • We are not limited to only 100 members – the more, the merrier!

 You can join 100 Women and become a member here.

This is our latest grants:

Earbus Foundation of WA

receives $30,000 towards a pilot to provide 30 female Aboriginal Health Workers with training. This training will develop their theoretical experience with ear health treatment and management. It also includes more practical, clinical training. These workers are now empowered to diagnose and manage ear health disease in the Aboriginal communities in which they live. And it also gives them the resources to reduce the problems associated with ear disease for Aboriginal children.

Youth Futures WA

receives $27,500 for its program, The NEST. This program has been designed to help teenage mothers who are homeless or living in unsuitable conditions. Due to these circumstances, they are consequently at risk of losing custody of their child. The funds aim to support the expansion of the Outreach Service. This is a preventative strategy against homelessness that aims to stabilize the lives of the teenage mothers. In tandem, it supports them to develop their parenting, financial, and independent living skills.
An Outreach Support Worker assists clients to seek appropriate accommodation. The support worker also advocates on their behalf with the Department of Child Protection. All the while, the young mum is counseled on their baby’s development and personal issues.

Bower Reuse and Repair Centre Cooperative

receives $30,000 for the ‘From House to Home’ program. This program provides around 100 women and their children with free access to quality household goods. Many of these women were victims of domestic violence. Once the women are ready to move on from temporary accommodation to new homes, they are in desperate need of household goods. The Bower will work with service organisations to allow them to visit a Bower retail outlet and shop against an agreed line of credit.

World Relief Australia in partnership with Human and Hope

receives $9,300 towards a sewing program. This program aims to break the cycle of poverty for Cambodian women. Each woman will learn how to sew and advanced students can access microfinance loans to start their own sewing business. In addition to sewing skills, students receive education in small business, life skills, health, sustainable farming and domestic violence training, focusing on their rights in marriage.
The Process – These projects were very carefully chosen from over 60 applications through a grants assessment and member voting process. It was a dynamic, inspiring and insightful process for all. If you aren’t involved in 100 Women yet, here are 15 reasons to get involved in our fifth year.

Why join 100 Women?

Joining together

1. Meet, gather and network with like-minded people. Now more than ever, we need connections with people who energise our spirit and remind us of the good in the world. 100 Women does this! We are building a diverse community that’s doing their part to change the world for the better.
2. Choose projects to fund collaboratively using the 100 Women grants process. Learn skills to assess grant projects. Come together as a team to share your insights. Or if you don’t have time for that, just vote for your favourite project at the end of the process!

Impacting women

3. Are women’s issues important? One of our Ambassadors, Rabia Siddique, poses three important questions at the Grants Ceremony, two of which she borrows from Emma Watson’s #heforshe launch speech: Do women’s issues matter? If not you, than who? And if not now, than when?
4. Learn about women’s issues and why gender based giving makes sense. When you invest in women, the whole community wins. Through our members and grantees, we can learn what the issues are and what projects make the most impact.
5. 100 Women gives to local, national and international projects and organisations.  Your donation will benefit both women in your local community and women around the world!

Power of Philanthropy

6. Amplify your donation by joining together with others. This is an exciting part of joining a giving circle. Your individual donation can only go so far, but your donation coupled with everyone else’s becomes a grant that funds a women’s project!
7. Learn about philanthropy and how to make your giving count. Our purpose is to ignite women philanthropists into the world! Learn how to increase the impact of your personal giving and giving through 100 Women.
8. Change the perception that philanthropy is just for the rich and famous! Everyone can be a philanthropist and contribute to the greater good.
9. Involve yourself in one of the fast trends in philanthropy – Giving Circles! Giving circles are an exciting new, collaborative form of philanthropy.

Get Involved!

10. Join us in 100 Women. There are many ways to be involved in 100 Women as currently we are completely run by volunteers. Join as a full member, join as a mini circle or join our email database. Contribute your skills and expertise to one of our four sub-committees – Membership and Events, Operations and Finance, Marketing and Communications, and Grants.
11. Learn skills to involve yourself in the community more broadly. Our members say they learn skills and gain confidence to involve themselves in other community organisations such as becoming a Board member, mentor or volunteer.

Be inspired and be inspiring

12. Become a role model in your family and community by being part of the 100 Women movement. This is bigger than just you and me, it’s about a community of women coming together and helping other women who don’t have the same advantages that we do.
13. Feel proud to involve yourself. Members tell me all the time how proud they feel to involve themselves in such a wonderful, inspiring cause. When was the last time you felt proud?
14. Step up! For the majority of our members, $1200 is a step up in their philanthropy.  Now we also have options of $300 and $600 if you are just starting out.  100 Women aims to provide large, high-impact grants to projects and organisations. Our intention is to build a strong, sustainable source of funding for women’s projects. Remember it’s a tax deduction and 100% of your donation goes to the grants too!
15. We created this! Together we’ve started our own funding source. The grants I mention above are funded by people power. This is incredibly inspiring and exciting. Feeling inspired? Come join the fun and spread the word!
You can join 100 Women and become a member here.