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During January, all Board Book Pack (10 copies) orders for Difference Makers: A Leader’s Guide to Championing Diversity on Boards receives 20% off and free shipping when you order a Board Book Pack – click here.

What’s the book about?

Difference Makers: A Leader’s Guide to Championing Diversity on Boards reframes the debate about who can participate in board directorship. Dr Nicky Howe and I share our experience developing the award winning board governance program for young aspiring directors and the research on how diversity can enhance problem solving, spark innovation and ultimately build better boards and organisations.
The book includes:

  • Tools and templates to make your board’s diversity journey easier and more effective
  • Personal strategies to develop your own personal commitment to diversity
  • Board strategies including how to develop a board diversity policy and enhance recruitment, nomination and meeting processes
  • Real life case studies

…and much more!

Reward your board directors!

Reward your board directors with a small gift that supports their development and improves business outcomes.
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Difference Makers is a great addition to your board professional development program or a useful holiday reading gift!
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