Four practical experiences to help you form your life purpose

Four practical experiences to help you form your life purpose

Alicia Curtis
Written by: Alicia Curtis
Alicia Curtis


For years I’ve been helping people uncover a truly meaningful purpose in life. There are wonderful reflective activities you can do to demystify purpose, break it down, understand it and start to form it for yourself. This is your life’s work to keep focused on it and refining it to give you meaning in your life.

Also in the Purpose Masterclass, I outline some practical challenges to get you not only thinking and reflecting but talking with others, stretching yourself and doing – to help you uncover your purpose in life.

In this blog I want to share four practical activities that will help you in your journey to purpose.

1. Volunteer

Volunteering has been the BIGGEST pathway to purpose for me. I started volunteering as a ten year old in my school environment club and I’ve never stopped. The picture to the right is me at my first international conference representing my community project and country!

It’s allowed me to see the challenges in the world and focus on how I can contribute to them. It’s given me a platform to develop my skills and master my strengths. It’s offered me an opportunity to meet and develop friendships with some incredible people from around the world! The list goes on.

Finding a cause that it not focused on you but other people (or animals or our environment) taps into a deep force of energy in our lives.

2. Travel Abounds

Whether it’s a regional town in Western Australia, a very large city in China or the regional communities of Italy, my travels have taught me so much and maybe most importantly it’s taught me that how I live is not the only way to live.

There is a huge world out there. Taking the time to explore how people live their lives gives us greater understanding of our own culture, values and norms. It highlights our own worldview and hopefully allows us to gently uncover how you came to that worldview.

Another way that you can do this in your own backyard is to meet people who are different to you. Perhaps from a different culture or religion. Attend the multicultural festivals, eat at different restaurants, explore the different cultural museums. In Western Australia, we have the incredible Museum for Freedom and Tolerance facilitating powerful experiences to break down barriers and invite curiosity and learning.

3. Experience (or Create your own) Art

Music, art, theatre, comedy or dance to name just a few.

These experiences get us out of our heads and into our bodies. It’s an opportunity to truly be in the present moment – without worry of the past or the future. To just be! This is the transformative power of the arts.

Art gives us a safe places to challenge boundaries and learn through being part of an absorbing experiences. The creativity of art gives us inspiration in our own lives and helps us fully tap into the human experience.

I love how art organisations are continually stepping up and give us transforming experiences to share with our friends and family. I can highly recommend Perth Symphony Orchestra and the WA Ballet in my hometown.

4. Revel in Nature

There is nothing like hiking up the mountain to Tigers Nest (Paro Takstang) to the the sacred Buddhist site and temple located on the cliffside of Paro Valley in Bhutan (see the pic above at the half way point to Tigers Nest which you can see in the distance on the side of the cliff). The natural environment has a transformative power to invigorate. The good thing is you don’t even need to go to Bhutan to experience this. The beach, stars, trees, waterways and connection to animals can do this for us too.

Nature improves our mental health. It helps us to think clearly. It encourages us to breathe deeply. Erika runs beautiful walking tours in Margaret River and around the world.

Nature creates this space for mindfulness. It encourages movement and increases the use of our senses – touch, smell, sound and sight.

Get started today

And this is just four practical experiences to help you find and live your true purpose in life!  These practical experiences can support and inspire the self reflection and awareness needed to defining your purpose in life.

If you’re ready to discover your own purpose in life, register for the Purpose Masterclass or register for the guide below to guide you through the purpose – creating process!


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