Do you invest in you? You’re worth it!

Do you invest in you? You’re worth it!

Written by: Alicia Curtis
Alicia Curtis

Are you investing in you?  What are you doing week in, week out to demonstrate it?

Those who invest in themselves believe they are worth the investment and most often see the return on investment. In my experience I often see a snowball effect happen too when you put yourself out there, more opportunities and connections present themselves.

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.
Leonardo da Vinci

Yes, you’ve got to go out and make it happen!  Here are 5 key investments leaders make to step up.

1. Goals, aspirations and reflection

What do you want to do, see, achieve or contribute to? Setting meaningful goals takes time and reflection.  So when are you doing this on a regular basis?  What are you doing to inspire yourself on a regular basis? Take yourself out of your comfort zone, be bold and aspire to be better.  What do you do to get the creative juices flowing so you feel energetic as well as feeling centred, calm and in flow?

2. Relationships

Are you developing key relationships with those who inspire, support and challenge you?  I always think of my relationships on three levels – mentors, masterminds and mates.  Who are the mentors pushing and challenging my thinking?  Who are my masterminds who are inspiring and supporting me on a regular basis?  And who are my mates who keep me sane, make me laugh and help me be the best I can be?

3. Education and experiences

What courses or programs are you investing in to stretching and challenging you?  What books are you reading to broaden your perspective and understanding?  There is a whole world out there! Explore the myriad of learning opportunities including courses like Board Ignition!

4. Health and happiness

Are you eating right? Or do you let convenience win?  Do you put aside time for exercise, mindfulness and play?  This all contributes to you being your best.   W[hat can you do to level up?  Who can you surround yourself with to help you level up with your health and happiness?  What goal could you set to motivate you to improve your health?

5. Confidence and courage 

Do have confidence in yourself?  Do you lead with courage?  What times do you feel invincible and how can you cultivate these feelings?  Investing in mindsets that lead to achievement is integral.  Do you regularly stretch with mini challenges to build your courage and confidence?

How will you put this into action this week?

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