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Another Year of Extraordinary Impact!

It’s been an exciting and full year of progress and impact at Alyceum HQ, as we work towards creating the change we seek – inspiring changemakers to lead the charge for more inclusion and diversity, emotional intelligence and leadership awareness and action.

Alyceum is very lucky to work with an incredible community of facilitators, coaches, mentors, who support our work with clients each year, and this year, it was more the case than ever.   It takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to run a leadership program too!

Celebrating 20 years in business!

I can’t believe we are celebrating 20 years in business this year! When I think back to the countless leadership programs, we’ve created and facilitated over this time, it’s a true honour to spend time with people to cultivate a space for self awareness, bold thinking and transformation.

Also when I look back on this year, we probably should have done more to celebrate this….a party? a blog post? Whoops!  We haven’t done much to mark this moment.  This is often because, for us, the biggest reward really is the work we get to do, the clients we work with and the impact we achieve – and we are definitely feeling very fortunate to do this work now for 20 years!

But a party is always good too, right?   Maybe a 21st birthday party is in order!

One thing we did do this year was refresh our branding with a new logo, colour palette and website! This definitely was an exciting upgrade thanks to Morgane Guedj and Lumos Marketing.

The new logo represents the personal leadership journey of growth, ideas and support.

We wanted something that was contemporary yet timeless, that embodied energy, movement, community and courage – to give our global education company a strong and bold identity. We think the Morgane exceeded the brief!

The colours and graphics are bold and inspiring.

Greater Good Collective Upgrade

This year, we worked very hard behind the scenes to deliver on the next evolution of the Greater Good Collective.

We wrote and recorded 44 bite sized videos to deliver the course in an engaging way.  We updated the six modules to give a clear learning pathway for participants for their personal leadership growth journey.   We have more in the pipeline to offer a dynamic online learning experience. Thanks so much to Jasmine Denkha for your support and guidance in re-navigating the program and Gingerbeard Media for shooting all our new videos!   If you’re looking to deepen your personal leadership journey, we invite you to join us.


Keen to see more?   To get you started, we have recently launched a new online webinar!

If you feel called to make the world around you a better place, even though you aren’t quite sure what that means or looks like yet? Are you passionate about creating a better community, and you’re ready to start with you?   Join my FREE Masterclass: How to Lead for a Better World—Practical Strategies to Live and Lead Courageously.


Diverse Women’s Leadership Program

This program is such a joy to facilitate! To bring together, create community, celebrate our superpowers and build leadership skills and confidence to make a difference in our careers and community. I love working with the Muslim Women’s Support Centre in WA to bring this program to life, thanks to funding from the Federal Government.

Thanks for capturing these, Hawraa Abboud Photography!

We have two cohorts – Risting Stars, (for under 35s) and Wise Women (for over 35s), bringing together participants for fortnightly evening workshops, Saturday Forums and a weekend retreat, the programs just recently culminated in a beautiful graduation ceremony for participants to reflect on just how far they had come in the 4 months.  If you’re keen to hear more, send me an email and I’ll put you on the waitlist or join my newsletter list.

Thank you to Jessica Bailey for capturing this beautiful video at one of our DWLP Forums.

Our 11th and 12th Emerging Leaders in Governance Program!

This year, we also celebrated the 10th year of the Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards program.  Yes, 10 years of diversifying aged care and community organisation boards!  What an incredible journey with this program, which started with a coffee with Dr Nicky Howe, CEO of an aged care organisation, Southcare, and this year, celebrated over 40 Community Partners who support this program and 12 programs that we’ve hosted!

We facilitated the Open Program from February to May and the Spring program in August to November with a cohort specifically for LGBTIQA+ women. The participants I get to work with – to hear the passion for the causes they serve and connect and empower them to serve their community is wonderful.

I can’t wait to see the impact of these two cohorts on the NFP sector.

100 Women goes from strength to strength

Another exciting year for 100 Women, we had incredible speakers such as leading climate change experts, past grant recipients and more. We also partnered with Ostelin, as their charity partner for Project Strong.  It was a pleasure to head to Sydney for the launch of Project Strong, work with them on their Purpose days and host them at our Gala to present the first Ostelin Volunteer of the Year award!  Check out Project Strong here.

Our Gala event attracted nearly 300 people to celebrate everyday philanthropy and share in the announcement of five grants to Midland Women’s Health Care Place, Sexual Health Quarters, School for Life Foundation Australia, Living Child and AusCam Freedom Project.

This year, our grants are impacting 18,839 women and girls through these grants!  You can read more about them here.

100 Women is very beautifully led by Virginia Miltrup who is Chair, Karen Brittain, our Executive Officer, the Board and volunteer group. It’s been an incredible year of growth with more exciting initiatives on the horizons!

Thank you

A huge thank you to the people I get to work closely with –

Dr Nicky Howe and the many CEOs involved in the Engaging Young Leaders in Governance program. Nicky, I’ve learnt SO MUCH from you over the last ten years of this program. It’s been amazing to reflect on our journey over this time to see how we’ve both grown together – and what a learning journey it’s been!

Thank you to the amazing program coaches, support crew and mentors who supported the Diverse Women’s Leadership Program – Shameema Kolia, Siti Satyawati, Dr Zeenat Abdoolakhan, Karess Dias, Cettina Raccuia, and Grace Mugabe. It’s been such a pleasure to learn and work from each of you.


So much love and appreciation to my business assistant, Josefine Mai Kraemer, for her incredible support of me and Alyceum. Each year, you step up and I’m so grateful to be on this business journey together. What a great year we’ve had!


Last but not least, thank you to my beautiful family and friends who are with me through the highs and lows and have provided me with never ending support – my incredible husband, two children, my sisters, parents and friends.  It’s been one successful year and I couldn’t have done it without your support.  Thank you!


How to Lead for a Better World

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