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W hat comes to mind when you hear the word philanthropy? Who do you think of? Bill Gates, Oprah or even Andrew Forrest? What do all these people have in common? Yes they are all very wealthy, very well known business leaders. Without a doubt, their giving is inspiring…but it can also make you feel that only certain people can be a philanthropist. What if I told you that you didn’t have to be rich and famous to be a philanthropist?

Thanks to Carol Cole Photography

This was the beginning of my TEDxPerth talk on the 11th November in front of 1500 people at the Perth Concert Hall.  I spoke about the power that everyone has to be a philanthropist.  If you want to hear more about philanthropy, network with some exceptional leaders and enjoy a fabulous night, I really encourage you to attend the 100 Women Gala night on this Wednesday.  Come discover a different way to be a philanthropist!
The process of presenting at TEDxPerth reminded me of three very important ideas about leadership.

1. Feel the fear and do it anyway

Everyone feels fear, nerves and anxiety and it takes courage to put yourself out there and try new things. How often do we truly put ourselves in the position to stretch, be challenged and grow?  Get comfort with the uncomfortable and watch your learning skyrocket.  What unfamiliar situations can you put yourself in to broaden your knowledge and skills?  For me it’s about moving out of my own ego about what others might think of me and into a mindset of service – how can I serve this audience in the best way possible.
Situations: What are you challenging yourself to do next?

2. It takes a village

Leadership is not an individual sport. The support I received from a whole range of people to help me present for 11 – 12 minutes was massive.  Quite simply, I couldn’t have done it without them.  From the TEDxPerth team to my own family, friends and colleagues, the people you surround yourself with make a huge difference.  It makes me utterly grateful for the support networks that I have and a reminder to keep fostering the relationships around you.
Support: Who is your support network?

3. Ideas and Action

The process of distilling an idea into 11 – 12 minutes is a challenging yet rewarding journey.  What is the essence of this idea? How will I communicate this? What are my strengths in communicating this? What is absolutely necessary to the message and what can I cut?  Communication of ideas is a key part of the role of a leader.
For me personally, it’s not just about the ideas but the action too.  An idea is just a dream until you put it into action.  The revolutionaries are those who put ideas into action.
Significance: How are you acting on your ideas?
Thank you for all your support!

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