Do you want to be a board director?

Do you want to be a board director?

Written by: Alicia Curtis
Alicia Curtis


I‘ve spent so many years helping aspiring directors get onto their first community board and I can tell you, the feeling never gets old! There are now so many success stories from my course Board Ignition, it’s wonderful to follow their journeys onto the boards of their dreams!


Do you want to be a board director? | Alyceum

Meet Samantha

Sam is a passionate health advocate. She was worried that she didn’t have a lot of experience with Not-For-Profit organisations or governance and also wanted to know where to go to find a board position. She participated in my signature Board Ignition course and answered a few questions with me PLUS shared her insights through a video interview below too.


Why did you join the Board Ignition course?

I joined the Board Ignition course because it gave me an opportunity to explore my desire to serve my community, build good governance skills and understand what leadership prospects I was interested in pursuing. This program has provided me with far more than I could have anticipated the course, activities and networks has provided me with clarity of my skills, ambitions, confidence in my abilities and direction on the areas that I am lacking.

What surprised you most about the course?

It has been the flexibility of the course which allows participants to learn and action tasks at your own pace. I found this to be the most surprising and supportive aspect of the course.

What did you enjoy the most about the Board Ignition course?

The most valuable part of the course was the practical tasks that built confidence to build networks and ultimately to secure a NFP position

The modules are very comprehensive and action oriented. The course is designed to provide you with the core competencies and background of NFP’s. Then the confidence to network and get to action in gaining a board position.

In what ways did it really help you with your goal to become a board director?

This course has been so well thought out by Alicia. It provides a great mix of course work and practical experience, along with an active and supportive group online that can be contacted anytime. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering NFP Boards or a desire to work in leadership roles.

And the results? What’s happened since you completed the course?

I have now been appointed to a NFP. I have joined the Health Consumers Council of WA as the Treasurer as of November 2018. Finally, this course provided me with personalised and supportive mentorship of Alicia Curtis and communities of leaders in the program. The confidence that this has instilled within me is immeasurable.


Check out my interview with Samantha


About Board Ignition

Board Ignition is a dynamic online course that helps you fast track your board journey to get your first board position and serve a community organisation. There are 8 modules to the course which you can complete at your own pace (while you also receive an 8 week email series to help you discover the modules). Check out the course here.

Join before 18th June and attend our next Board Ignition live Online Summit with current participants and alumni!


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