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I’ve worked with hundreds of young professionals who are keen to step up onto a Not-For-Profit Board.   Many of these young professionals are motivated to contribute their skills, give back to the community and develop themselves as leaders.  These people often have many questions:

  • Is a board position really for me?
  • What am I really getting myself into?
  • Do I have anything of value to contribute in the boardroom?
  • How do I get my first board directorship?

I’ve heard from and spoken to young professionals all across Australia who are keen to develop their board directorship skills and find their first appointment.  The Board Ignition course is now a resource collating all my experiences in the Not-For-Profit sector and supporting young professionals take their next step onto a board.

Who is the Board Ignition course for?

Are you keen to give your time, talent and networks to assist a good cause as a board director?
This course is perfect is you are:

  • A life long leaner and interested in serving the Not-For-Profit (NFP) sector
  • Keen to explore the key responsibilities of NFP directors
  • Interested in capturing your unique value proposition for a NFP board
  • Ready to learn strategies to get your first board appointment
  • Open to developing your personal leadership skills

What this course is not?

This course is not:

  • An accredited board governance program (although we do recommend some in the course!)
  • A face to face program (No! You can be based anywhere and access it!)
  • A board matching process (Don’t worry, we’ll give you the best advice to find a board role!)

What’s included in the Board Ignition Course?

There are eight modules included in the program:

  1. Why join a community board?
  2. Are you board ready?
  3. Your board leadership
  4. Finding a board position
  5. Before joining a board
  6. Inside the board room
  7. First time on a board – what to expect?
  8. The journey of an outstanding board director

Each module includes:

  • Module welcome and an online workbook
  • Video interviews with an experienced board director including summary notes and reflection questions
  • Practical challenges to spur you into action
  • Further resources including videos, blogs and reports

See inside the modules here –

The course fee gives you 12 months access to all the course resources.

Launch Month Offer

Join in June 2017 and receive the following benefits:

Difference Makers Book1. Your own signed copy of the Book, Difference Makers: A Leader’s Guide to Championing Diversity on Boards

We will post you a copy of this inspiring read written by Alicia Curtis and Dr Nicky Howe based on their experience supporting young professionals to join Not-For-Profit boards.

2. Seven Deadly Sins of Meeting Facilitators Ebook

Improve your meeting facilitation skills by avoiding these common meeting mistakes. This practical ebook is jam packed with ready to use strategies.

3. The ESSENTIAL Governance/Leadership Reading list

Don’t know where to start?  Get my essential list of books to learn more about board leadership and governance.

4. PLUS an invite to a LIVE WEBINAR on the 5 Biggest Myths of NFP Board Leadership

Alicia Curtis will be facilitating a webinar on the 5 myths of NFP board leadership ONLY for those who have signed up in June 2017.

Enrol now to get instant access to the course.

Still got questions? Read the course information page here.


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