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Let’s face it, knowledge is power!  Here are my top 9 blog posts from this year for aspiring Not-For-Profit board directors!
Of course, if you’re really serious about getting your first board appointment then you would definitely complete my online Board Ignition course. Not only does it share about the NFP sector and board governance, it also shows you how to develop your value proposition for a board and where to go and what to do to find your first board appointment!  [spacer height=”20px”] Let’s recap some of my most popular blog posts supporting aspiring board directors.

The following posts explore the intentions, motivations, practical steps and opportunities to be an outstanding board director.
Blog Post 1.  Why Join a NFP Board? Four Main Motivators?
It’s a great place to begin when you’re thinking of becoming a board director.   This post explores four of the most common motivators for joining a community board.  What motivates you!?

Blog Post 2. Find the right board role for you
One of the most important decisions is choosing the right board for you.  So how do you know where to start in finding the right one for you?  This blog post gives you some great tips to focus your thinking.

Blog Post 3.  Have you thought about Local Council?
Read about the importance of age diversity on Local Council.  Yes Local Council is an awesome opportunity to get involved in community at a grassroots level, listen to community members and make decisions in the best interests of all people.

Blog Post 4. Increasing Women on Football Club Boards
Community organisations come in all shapes and sizes. Read about the opportunity on football club boards as another opportunity to get involved.   If you love your footy, this is a great one for you!

Blog Post 5. How much time does a NFP Board position take?
Do you know exactly what you’re getting into when you accept a board position? Do you think it’s just about attending the board meeting? Think again.   Read more here about the whole time commitment involved.

Blog Post 6.  10 questions to ask before joining a NFP board
Due diligence time!  You’ve been offered a board role – what next?  Before you rush into that first board opportunity, step back and ask these questions first.  You want to make sure it’s the right fit for you and the right fit for the board too!

Blog Post 7. Read my hot tip to find a board appointment here.
So how do you mix with board directors so you can hear of the next position available?  It’s one thing to know about the NFP sector and board governance, it’s another thing to actually find a board position.  In the Board Ignition course, we explore the strategies to get onto boards but you can read one of my hot tips here.

Blog Post 8.  Start increasing your emotional intelligence to you are board ready!
Board directors need to display high level of emotional intelligence in the board room.  In fact, this can be one of the most crucial factors in a high performing board!  Here are 25 questions to improve your EQ before you get there.

Blog Post 9. 5 ways to start learning more about the NFP sector
The NFP sector is very different to the corporate sector. It has it’s own ecosystem of peak bodies, events and media publications.  Start learning more about the Not-For-Profit sector and the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

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