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The Board Ignition online course is a practical and dynamic online learning program to introduce emerging leaders to the not for profit sector and the opportunity to contribute at a board level.

Alicia has inspired me to make a difference in the way I live my life. I couldn’t think of a better role model for a boards course.”

– Penelope Wakefield | Manager Business Sustainability

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Why enrol?

This is not your normal board program!  This is a dynamic, engaging, interactive course that gives you practical steps on how to get onto a board and be an outstanding director.

  • Discover how to land your first board appointment.
  • Consider which board positions to accept and the due diligence process involved.
  • Understand what happens in the boardroom and the key challenges of the not for profit sector.
  • Discover how to approach your first six months on a board with confidence.
  • Master what it takes to be an outstanding board director.

This program unpacks the best knowledge and expertise from the collective experience of top CEOs and Board directors.


Course Outline

This modules shares with you more about the NFP sector and explores why you might want to serve on a community community.  This week we nail your ‘why’ for getting onto a board.

Key Learnings

  • Explore the Not For Profit landscape in Australia
  • Understand the reasons to contribute to the community
  • Determine which NFP board/organisation/sector is right for you


Key Learnings
  • Understand the Not for Profit sector in Australia.
  • Explore reasons to contribute to the not for profit sector.
  • Determine which NFP board/organisation/sector is the right for you

Come find out more about the causes which connect to you.

So what exactly is a board role? This module outlines the roles and responsibilities of community board directors and the governance education options available for futher development.

Key Learnings

  • Understand your responsibilities and requirements as a director
  • Understand your role in the boardroom
  • Explore professional development opportunities for your skill gaps

This module is about you – your values, strengths and leadership styles. We look at what it takes to be an exceptional board director by developing your own value proposition.

Key Learnings

  • Understand your strengths and values
  • Learnt the leadership skills and behaviours required in the boardroom
  • Recognise the board behaviours that lead to a high performance culture

Right – let’s find you a board appointment! This module shows you the ways to get your first board role through networking, mentoring and board resumes.

Key Learnings

  • Develop your value proposition to the board
  • Understand the avenues to get on a board
  • Develop a strong resume for recruitment


When you are going for a board role, you will want to interview the board as much as they will want to interview you. This module highlights what to consider before joining a board.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the due diligence required before joining a board
  • Understand which documents to review and the right questions to ask
  • Understand the board and organisation culture

So what really happens before the closed doors of the boardroom.  This module will give an insight into the conversations, relationships and challenges.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the roles, relationships and challenges inside the boardroom
  • Understand the elements of an effective meeting
  • Learning about the importance of board and personal evaluation

Ok, so we are pretty certain that if you follow the strategies in this course, that you will get onto a board.  So how do you approach the first six months on the board.  No worries – we have got you covered!

Key Learnings

  • Understand the elements of an effective board induction
  • Build trust and rapport with your fellow board directors
  • Explore ways that boards differ from other teams you’ve been part of

We don’t want you to be a good director, we want you to be an OUTSTANDING director. This module gives you what it takes!

Key Learnings

  • Explore what makes an outstanding board director
  • Learn the importance of good decision making
  • Undergo personal reflection

Watch one of our client success interviews

Take a look inside the course here…

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What’s included in the course?

Not your normal governance education program!  This course gives you the real look behind the boardroom door.  Each module includes the information, statistics, practical takeaways, tools and techniques.

Each module includes an online workbook, practical activities, worksheets and videos with experienced directors.

Hear from experienced board directors about their inspiring journey and experiences on boards. Learn how they got their board directorships, what they have learnt along the way and what they recommend to you!

Once you’ve read through each module, there are a range of reflective activities, worksheets and further learning opportunities to apply the knowledge.

What people are saying

Penny Dowds

Penny Dowds

A big thank you for the advice and support provided via Board Ignition. It really helped me to identify what I was looking for from a board and to how seek out such opportunities and…… I am now a proud board member of an international NFP board!

laura sutherlan

Laura Sutherland

I’ve been seeing a lot of your lovely face recently as I sat and watched all the Board Ignition webinars again over the weekend, as part of my prep for a Trainee Board Director interview, which I have today! It was so helpful to sit and go through the webinars again, so thank you for all your efforts with them.

Samantha Bradder

Samantha Bradder

I was fortunate enough to be voted in at the AGM and I am now a current board member in the position of treasurer. This positive experience is all thanks to Alicia and this program.


Dave Dury

Such a good course. Bucket loads of great content. The interviews are great to listen to each week, amazing insights, so diverse and no two are the same. Great interview questions Alicia.


Vicky Krishnamurthy

The structure and content of the course was very relevant and well laid out. I felt like i was on a journey to directorship with Alicia.


Narelle Goodfield

The Board Ignition online program provides a solid platform of learning and Board ready strategies. The video interviews with active board members, sharing their experiences, is really valuable.

Watch one of our client success interviews

More Happy Board Ignition Participants

Board Ignition Testimonials_Guerlaine Board Ignition Testimonials_Chiedza Alicia Curtis Profile Photo

Your Learning Guide


ALICIA CURTIS is an outstanding business and community leader and the founder of Alyceum, a leadership development company. Alicia has a Masters in Business Leadership and in 2019 was named in the Business News 40under40 list, in 2018 was named the EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year in the western region, in 2017 she was named in the inaugural Westpac 200 Business of Tomorrow List as well as rating in the Westpac and Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence List across Australia in 2014.

Alicia has facilitated the hugely successful Engaging Young Leaders on Boards program which has helped countless young professionals get onto community boards.  In 2016, Alicia co-authored Difference Makers: A Leader’s Guide to Championing Diversity on Boards with CEO, Dr Nicky Howe.  Alicia also started the #1000youngdirectors campaign which aims to ignite 1000 young directors onto community boards to increase diversity, support succession planning and improve our local communities.

Alicia has served on a range of community boards over the last 15 years and was most recently founding board chair of 100 Women, which has fund raised and awarded $500,000 to causes supporting women and children.


When will I get access to the program?

You will gain access immediately after you enrol for the course.  From that point, you’ll receive Board Ignition emails for 8 weeks to explore the course.  You will have life-time access to the course which means you will have access to the online materials for the life-time of the Board Ignition course.

How is this course different to other governance courses?

The Board Ignition course is a low-cost option to learn more about board governance, the Not-For-Profit sector and pathways onto your first board role.

Board Ignition is not an accredited governance course but we can definitely recommend some future options for you!

This course also explores HOW to get your first board role not just what the role entails.  No use knowing about board responsibilities if you can’t get your first role!

This course is like sitting down with a great mentor and talking through the in’s and out’s of sitting on a board.   It’s practical, motivational and effective!

Is there an age restriction to complete the course?

Absolutely not!  All ages are welcome and we’ve had retirees who have completed the course and gained so much from it.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

You get lifetime access to the course as long as the course is available.

What is the price and currency of the Board Ignition program?

The Board Ignition program is 995 AUD (including GST). We want to make it affordable for young professionals to learn about board governance, get onto a board and give back!

Are there any live components to this program?

No. This program is a series of modules. You can go through the program content such as notes, video interviews, quizzes and challenges as fast or slow as you like. There are also two recorded webinars with course creator, Alicia Curtis as she goes through the modules.

What’s your refund policy?

We’ve worked hard to produce an amazing series of modules including interviews with Australia’s most talented and inspiring leaders and experts. That said, if you’re unhappy for any reason within 7 days after purchase, we’ll refund your money.  Please read carefully our full Terms of Sale here.

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