6 Powerful Secrets to Find Your Highest Purpose in Life

Is it time to discover your purpose in life?

Do you feel lost and confused about your future? Do you want to develop an inspiring purpose for your life but don’t know where to start?

This motivating guide will give you powerful insights to find and refine your own purpose in life.

The world needs more purpose driven leaders.

Those who revel in a deep connection with what they are here to do.

Read this insightful guide to decode the myths and understand what it takes to define and live your highest purpose in life.


6 powerful secrets to find your highest purpose in life

The world needs more purpose-driven people. But where do you start? This inspiring guide will give you powerful insights to find and refine your own purpose in life.

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Meet your Course Facilitator

Alicia Curtis

Alicia Curtis is one of Western Australia’s most inspiring social and business entrepreneurs as an award winning speaker, leadership facilitator and community change maker.

Alicia is passionately driven by her purpose to ignite leaders to transform the world for the better - whether than be in the workplace or broader community. As the Founder and Head Facilitator behind Alyceum, Alicia works closely with leaders all across Australia looking to ignite their purpose and deliver change.

"I've spent the last 25 years leading community change projects that shift the status quo.  I love unlocking the leadership strengths, visions and learning in purpose-driven individuals to create change for the greater good."

Alicia shares her incredible experiences including...

  • Creating and facilitating the hugely successful Engaging Young Leaders on Boards program which has helped countless young professionals get onto community boards.
  • Co-authoring Difference Makers: A Leader's Guide to Championing Diversity on Boards with CEO, Dr Nicky Howe.
  • Co-founding 100 Women and serving as the inaugural Board Chair. 100 Women has fundraised and awarded over a million dollars to causes supporting women and children locally and globally.

Alicia has been nationally recognised...

  • Western Australian Women's Hall of Fame 2020
  • Business News 40under40 2019 (top 4)
  • EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year in the Western region 2018
  • Westpac 200 Business of Tomorrow List 2017 Winner
  • Westpac and Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence List across Australia
  • West Australian of the Year Awards Finalist 2018

What students are saying

Alicia is a warm, open-minded person with a clear passion for developing the next generation of business and community leaders. She is fantastic at helping steer people towards their strengths, passion and potential.

Frieda Orr

Alicia has always helped young women in starting their careers and inspired others to pursue their goals. Alicia was always inspiring, encouraging, engaging and supportive in her role as a facilitator.

Jayashree R Mayekar

I’ve been inspired by every workshop. I have gained confidence and as a result, I have been able to step out of my comfort zone.

Saida Abdullahi

Alicia has given such an impressive presentation. It really does give me another view of my next leadership journey. I would be happy to attend her workshop in the future.

Tat Tongchant

Alicia recently presented at a workshop and facilitated a panel for young professionals at Woodside Energy on NFP Boards. She was dynamic, engaging and so generous with her time. Thank you so much Alicia, it was incredible to hear your experiences and to hear a snippet of the wealth of knowledge you have on governance and the value of young people on boards.

Kelsie Clarke