What was the most valuable part of the session?

Thanks for this ‘lunch and learn’ session today, Alicia. It was refreshing to step away from the desk to consider this topic. Your engaging approach to inspired thinking is appreciated.

Paul Smith

Planning with Purpose and Values

Espresso Club Webinar – Personal Leadership series

We all want to plan our year ahead that’s in alignment with what’s really important to us, but it can be really tough! In this fun and energising webinar, Alicia will give your practical activities to reflect, imagine and then plan your year ahead.

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Purposeful Planning: Connecting your goals to your deepest values, and elevating your life with purpose-driven planning.

Redefine Success: Establish your criteria for genuine success. Create a roadmap that truly matters to you, free from external pressures.

Stress-Free Living: Say goodbye to stress and overwhelm. Learn strategies to stay aligned and centered, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable journey.

Let’s make 2024 your year of purpose, meaning and connection!

Cost: $99

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