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What students are saying

It helped me to see the importance of knowing my values and aligning my values with any potential board as well as defining my risk appetite for the type of board position I am looking for at this stage and what effort I am willing to invest in a new board position. With the skills I learned I have found how to best present myself as a proposition.

Rachel Enkel

It gave me the boost that I needed to take the next step in leadership training. It is an easy session to tune in to after the work day, plus you get to attend in the comfort of your home! I would definitely recommend for those with an interest in leadership and board governance.

Catrina Wold

I am feeling much more confident about my contribution to making a better world through a board role. It is a great experience, thank you so much for your leadership!

Silvia Lozeva

It helped me reflect on my personal qualities, career, experience, strengths and know my limitations. This experience has given me more confidence to start the journey, keep a journal, supported me to prepare, plan my next steps, network and explore opportunities. It has opened my eyes to the possibilities. So motivating, Thank you Alicia!

Nichola Browning