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Improve yourself to improve the world around you

A 3 month personal leadership journey 

 to live and lead courageously to create a better world.

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You have a deep desire to live a meaningful life, to make an impact and you want to connect with others who are on the same path.  You want to be an inspiring leader for your team or community and looking for practical tools to improve.

And it’s time to step up, be courageous and contribute your greatest strengths to the world.  You’re looking for some accountability to get you moving closer to the leader you know you can be!

Combining the latest research on leadership and sharing the stories of those in the arena, this personal leadership program will unpack the Greater Good Leadership model.

What is included in the Greater Good Leadership curriculum?

The 6 modules include

Activate your Greater Good Leadership Journey

This course gives you the time and space to guide you through self awareness activities to ignite the purpose and presence in your life.

  • Identify your key values and strengths and leadership story
  • Play a bigger game and think long term about the impact you want to make
  • Build a map for your leadership growth

Strengthen your Inner Game

Boost your confidence by understanding your mindset and emotions and how they can work for you and not against you.

  • Cultivate the key mindsets and your inner landscape to accelerate your goals
  • Dial up your emotional literacy to harness your true power
  • Get past fear and be more courageous in your decisions, behaviours and goals

Unlock the Power of Purpose

Your Greater Good Leadership is driven by a purpose than you.

  • Craft your purpose
  • Create a connection between your purpose and your work
  • Use your purpose to drive your decision making

Cultivate Courage and Action

Get into action by accessing your genius zone and focusing on your life’s work. Tap into your creativity to excel with innovative solutions.

  • Access the mental state of being in flow to x10’s your focus, involvement and joy!
  • Dial up the creativity in your life and work and work towards mastery in your craft
  • Create rituals of meaning in work and life (and let go of habits that destroy your focus and attention)

Deepen connections to amplify

Leadership is not an individual pursuit. Dive in deep to cultivate your connection with others and meaningfully build your community around you.

  • Develop deep, authentic relationships. Create a plan to widen your network and your impact
  • Build your credibility and influence to amplify your voice and impact
  • Cultivate a following to see the impact you want to create togethe

Lead and Influence for a better world

Clarify your own leadership philosophy through the frameworks of becoming a greater good leader.  Build your long term thinking creating a compelling legacy for years to come.

  • Construct your leadership philosophy and evolve your knowledge and understanding of being a greater good leader
  • Integrate your leadership into your everyday actions
  • Put your energy into your next moonshot

The World Economic Forum’s most recent The Future of Work Report listed leadership and social influence, innovation, learning, creativity, originality and initiative, and emotional intelligence, as the top human skills required by 2022.


“We need leaders who recognize the harm being done to people and planet through the dominant practices that control, ignore, abuse, and oppress the human spirit. We need leaders who put service over self, stand steadfast in crises and failures, and who display unshakeable faith that people can be generous, creative, and kind.”

Margaret Wheatley

How the Greater Good Collective works


Digital platform with 6 video lessons in each module

  • Activate your Greater Good Leadership Journey
  • Strengthen your Inner Game
  • Unlock the Power of Purpose
  • Cultivate Courage and Action
  • Deepen Connections to Amplify
  • Lead and Influence for a Better world

Watch the Pep talk video and read the Key Ideas booklet for each module.


Leadership Challenges

Emotional Response

Course Workbook

Take away the journal questions and activities to think and reflect over each module

lady sitting by her computer working on her emotional literacy

Interviews with Leaders


Tools, resources and recommendations

Get Alicia’s personal recommendations to deepen your learning on leadership topics


Private Online Community

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you truly want…

  • GROWTH: Do the inner work to connect to your deepest purpose, strengths, values and pathways forward.  Building mastery is the key.
  • CONFIDENCE: Live courageously and lead boldly in your life, work and community. Imagine what your boldest self would do and practice listening to your inner mentor.
  • CONNECTION: Create an incredible network of fellow participants and guest speakers who will become your collaborators, cheer leaders and friends.
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Webinar | How to Lead

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Hear from exceptional Greater Good Leaders sharing their experiences

Alicia smiling

Hi there, I’m Alicia!

I’ve spent the last 25 years leading community change projects that shift the status quo.  I love unlocking the leadership strengths, visions and learning in purpose-driven individuals to create change for the greater good.

Perhaps you’re at a crossroads, or yearning for a some time to really work out the important things in life – who you are and what gifts you have to share with the world, or maybe you’re ready to take your leadership to the next level – learning the principles of the greater good leader!

If you are looking for powerful learning experience, a community to laugh, learn and grow as well as the inspiration to keep going when times are tough, then perhaps it’s time to join the Greater Good Collective.

Will you join me?

What people say about Alicia as a facilitator?

Nick Loke

Nick Loke

Alicia is one of the best leadership facilitators I’ve come across


Fayann D’Souza

Alicia is a great leader and an inspiration to me and many, many more.


Ryan Quinn

Such a wonderful bank of knowledge and experience, coupled with generosity and goodwill to propel us forward in our leadership ventures. Great facilitator


Cettina Raccuia

Alicia is a wonderful, effective and insightful facilitator. Her expertise in leadership, matched with her passion to contribute to her community, makes her a great role model.


Kassia Ralston

Alicia’s compassionate leadership style has me convinced that compassion is a sign of incredible strength and is the key trait that will make anyone an exceptional leader. Alicia role modelled how compassion is something everyone can cultivate and showed that compassion is empathy plus action.


Rose Arkin

Alicia is an authentic, informative and tireless facilitator. She is the real deal who walks the talk all the time. The amount of energy she puts in community work, leadership training, mentoring and personal development is tremendous.

About Alicia

Alicia Curtis is one of Australia’s most inspiring social and business entrepreneurs as an award winning speaker, leadership facilitator and community change maker.

She has a Masters in Business Leadership and has been recognised widely for her work:

  • Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame 2020
  • Business News 40under40 List (top 4) 
  • EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year in the western region 2018
  • Westpac 200 Business of Tomorrow List 2017
  • Westpac and Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence List 2014

Alicia co-authored the book Difference Makers: A Leader’s Guide to Championing Diversity on Boards with CEO, Dr Nicky Howe as well as spearheading many successful leadership programs that challenge the status quo.

Alicia has served on a range of community boards over the last 15 years including being the founder and inaugural board chair of 100 Women, which has awarded $720,000 in grants supporting women and children.

Alicia is a leader and facilitator who walks the talk!

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  • 6 Video lessons in each module
  • 6 Exceptional interviews with highly experienced leaders
  • A beautifully designed program journal workbook
  • A set of leadership challenges to work your way through
  • The opportunity to connect with a peer buddy
  • Book club recommendations
  • An online community to share ideas, learning and resources
  • Access to the learning hub and community for 12 months

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Webinar | How to Lead

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When will you get access to the course? Expand

You will get access to the online community upon purchase.  Each of the modules will be released each fortnight so we can work through the materials together.

How long will you have access to the course materials? Expand

You get access to the learning hub and community for one full year. You will receive email reminders when your access is about to expire and there will be an opportunity to renew for $199 for another year if would you like to continue your access to the materials and community.

What is the price and currency of the Greater Good Collective? Expand

The Greater Good Collective is a 3-month program with 12 months access to all the materials. The investment is $1497 AUD (including GST).  We also offer a payment plan of 3 monthly payments of $499.  If you would like to extend your access to the materials and community, there is an annual $199 fee.

Are there any live components to this program? Expand

There are live online workshops held throughout the program and they are all recorded for viewing afterwards too.

What’s your refund policy? Expand

We’ve worked hard to produce an amazing series of modules. That said, if you have completed all the course materials and are unhappy for any reason within 14 days after purchase, we’ll refund your money.  Please read carefully our full Terms of Sale here.