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What people are saying

Penny Dowds

Penny Dowds

A big thank you for the advice and support provided via Board Ignition. It really helped me to identify what I was looking for from a board and to how seek out such opportunities and…… I am now a proud board member of an international NFP board!


Vanessa Medling

I’ve been offered the Board role!! Whoo hooo! Got feedback on my interview – great presentation – very impressive indeed’. So happy, thank you Alicia for putting together such a fabulous program.

Samantha Bradder

Samantha Bradder

I was fortunate enough to be voted in at the AGM and I am now a current board member in the position of treasurer. This positive experience is all thanks to Alicia and this program.


Vicky Krishnamurthy

The structure and content of the course was very relevant and well laid out. I felt like i was on a journey to directorship with Alicia.

Rachel Mason Nunn Photo

Rachel Mason Nunn

Alicia’s latest course on purpose is the ultimate tool for self reflection. The content of the course prompted me to question my own values, goals and success metrics. I’ve already applied the thinking and techniques from this course in my work and personal life and will be recommend it to anyone keen on setting better goals, and getting to know themselves more deeply, in order to amplify their impact on the world!

Nichola Browning

Nichola Browning

The confidence challenge helped me reflect on my personal qualities, career, experience, strengths and know my limitations. This experience has given me more confidence to start the journey, keep a journal, supported me to prepare, plan my next steps, network and explore opportunities.  I have been inspired and motivated by others journeys and it has opened my eyes to the possibilities. So motivating, Thank you Alicia!

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