Having Courageous Conversations

Espresso Club Webinar – Personal Leadership series

Master the art of courageous conversations! Join our practical webinar guided by personal leadership expert, Alicia Curtis, as she equips you with the tools and confidence needed to navigate difficult conversations with grace and authenticity.

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Communicate with Courage and Compassion: Uncover practical strategies to initiate and navigate challenging conversations with clarity, empathy, and confidence, fostering deeper connections and understanding in both personal and professional relationships.

Manage your Emotions: Explore the role of emotional intelligence in fostering effective communication, learning how to manage your emotions and respond skillfully to others’ feelings during tough discussions.

Ignite your Curiosity: Gain insights and transform relationships by being more curious! We leave so much to be unexplored by not being inquisitive. Unmask this talent and see your relationships improve.

No more avoiding tough conversations! Let’s make a pact to practice open dialogue, authentic feedback, and curiosity. Secure your spot today and embark on a journey towards greater communication mastery and interpersonal harmony!

Cost: $99

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