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Do you want to find a community board directorship in 2019?

Build the confidence to step into your first NFP Board Position
and become the leader (and advocate for change!) you want to be in your community & the world.

The Challenge will run from January 21 – 23

Join Alicia live at 12pm midday (Perth time) for an interactive and motivating 60-minute session on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you can’t make it live, we will give you access to all the recordings to watch later if you’ve signed up.

I get it. The boardroom can be a really daunting place,
especially if you haven’t been a board director before.

This challenge is designed to help you build an unstoppable confidence so you’re ready to accept your first board appointment!

During the 3-Day Challenge, you will:

  • Explore the BIGGEST fears that hold you back from the boardroom and how to overcome them – alongside an intimate group of your driven, change-making peers.
  • Discover the framework I’ve used with hundreds of young professionals to identify your core strengths and achievements and how to position them for the boardroom.
  • Work through my unique board value proposition canvas to understand the unique value you can bring to the boardroom – and how to position these values in your hunt for the perfect board position.
  • Mindset is everything – explore the key mindsets required for the boardroom, and banish the self-talk that’s holding you back – for good!

And so much more!

Now more than ever, we need confident, creative leaders with the passion, talent and insight to create the massive change needed in our community and the world.

We need YOU!

Is it your time to step up and lead? Yes! Join me, and I’ll get you there!


“Alicia was incredibly supportive and has a wealth of knowledge.”

Meghan Lewis, Architect

“Thank you so much for your great lessons and creating such a positive and welcoming environment! I am feeling much more confident about my contribution to making a better world through a board role. As a result, I am now on the Board of Fremantle Multicultural Centre”

Silvia Lozeva

“Firstly it was a privilege to engage with yourself and other like minded leaders passionate about making a difference and wanting to take their next steps to joining a Board position. To have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss and seek supportive guidance was incredibly valuable (virtual mentoring!). The interactive platform also enabled me to gain deeper insights and provided an improved understanding of Boards. I have been inspired and motivated by others journeys and it has opened my eyes to the possibilities. So motivating, Thank you Alicia!”

Nichola Browning

“Alicia's passion to make the community a better place is an inspiration to those around her, and especially those fortunate enough to have been a part of one of her leadership programs.”

Ashley Dawson, Associate Director, Finance Industry


“Alicia has inspired me to make a difference in the way I live my life. I couldn't think of a better role model for a boards course.”

Penelope Wakefield, Manager Business Sustainability

“Alicia’s board knowledge and support has enabled me to kick-start my career in Governance.  I am now Director at Mental Illness Fellowship of WA and Hepatitis WA, and Council of Governors at YMCA-WA.”

Adrian Gallo, Business Development 

Alicia Curtis is one of Australia’s most inspiring social and business entrepreneurs as an award winning speaker, leadership facilitator, and community change-maker.

Alicia is a diversity on boards champion, helping countless young professionals get appointed to their first community board. She is also the co-author of Difference Makers: A Leader’s Guide to Championing Diversity on Boards.

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